Nestal / Husky machines – Maintenance manager

Maintenance Manager for Estal/Husky Machines.


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Pay : AED14,000 a month

Job type: Full-time

The position is based in IRAQ. It would help if you were willing to relocate to Iraq.

Salary is 3000/4000 USD + company offers:

· medical coverage (within the company)

· Accommodation

· Full onboarding

· Annual vacation allowance

· Competitive salary

· Cover all visa fees

· 30 days’ vacation annually

The goal is to oversee and organize all maintenance tasks relating to site equipment. It is important to ensure that engineering personnel are properly trained and motivated to carry out these tasks according to company policies and procedures. This will help to guarantee that production meets company targets, market requirements, and safety standards while staying within specifications.

The following are the general duties and responsibilities:

  • · To ensure maintenance procedures and all equipment meet product safety requirements and meet the safety of all personnel. Ensure all OH&S and environmental policies and procedures are adhered to.
  • · Plan, lead, organize, and control the Engineering teams so that they meet company goals and standards
  • · Regularly review the Engineering budget and control monthly spending
  • · Preventative and planned maintenance Scheduling and execution must be carried out as per plan and according to seasonality.
  • · Maintain a highly skilled, competent, and motivated workforce
  • · Manage engineering systems, processes, and documentation to ensure nominated quality & manufacturing standards are adhered to and maintained
  • · Ensure optimum energy/water consumption at the factory level, by implementing proper maintenance activities to the factory assets
  • · Ensure all utilities are adequate to meet the needs of production requirements. All utilities that require treatment prior to use must be treated according to the Design and Quality criteria of the product and processes.
  • · Resourcing for key roles and ensuring succession planning in the department
  • · Perform assigned tasks in accordance with all Food Safety, Environmental, Health and Safety, and Ethical and Human Resources policies, programs, and goals.
  • · Uphold the company values and to work in a way that contributes to the company’s vision
  • · Work closely with procurement to ensure maintenance and service contracts are in place and all defined frequencies of
  • assessment, reporting, and maintenance are carried out without gap.
  • · Plan and support maintaining stock and ROL of Critical and essential parts either at Almutahida or through Koksan
  • · Maintain Mold workshop and maintenance activities in the workshop at gold standards.


  • – Communication and delegation skills
  • – Strategic planning and execution
  • – Analytical abilities and prioritization
  • – Operational maintenance tasks
  • – Project management
  • – Budget management for CAPEX and maintenance
  • – People and performance management


Applicants must have an engineering degree or equivalent, or at least 10 years of experience in the injection molding and plastic manufacturing industry.


Please ensure that you have the following qualifications before applying for this job:

  • – You must have experience in Injection Molding, Preform & Closure Manufacturing
  • – You should have experience in Lean Manufacturing with a focus on Continuous Improvement
  • – A minimum of 10 years of practical experience in the Plastics manufacturing industry is required
  • – You should have comprehensive knowledge of OH&S and environmental regulations and systems
  • – Successful experience in leading work teams is necessary.

Job Type: Full-time

The salary for this position can go up to AED14,000.00 per month.

Application Question(s):

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