Maintenance Technician

Urgent Requirement For Maintenance Technician


Full job description

  • Work centre’s performance shall be monitored for energy conservation and shall be updated in the Work centre performance data sheet.
  • Scheduled maintenance shall be carried out as per checklist.
  • Carry out Periodical Maintenance as per Schedule and Checklist for Mobile Crane, UPS, Batteries, etc.,
  • Aged / Damaged / Condemned machines to be identified & removed from service while performing daily PM.
  • On receipt of Equipment Break down slip maintenance work shall be initiated with the applicable work permit system.
  • Critical Machine (PPM/Shot Blasting/Tube Bending) breakdown maintenance must be carried out by an exclusive team.
  • Carry out Breakdown Maintenance within the stipulated time and handover for Production Process.
  • Spare machine to be maintained for frequent breakdown machines. Maintenance team to handover the machines at WG area.
  • During spares SIV, the receiver should check the correct item before taking delivery of the item from Stores.
  • Ensure Diesel availability, and top-up day requirement for Generator and Mobile crane on a daily basis.
  • Ball valve to be fixed in the Water Hose and Air Hose end to avoid hydro water / air wastage or leakage.
  • Ensure Water level sensor is installed and in working condition in RO tank, Overhead Tank.
  • 50 KVA DG to be engaged during Sunday. 500 KVA DG to be engaged only for Full Load.
  • Waste generated during maintenance work shall be collected, segregated and disposed as per the established procedure.
  • Disposal of Hazardous material or waste shall be carried out as per procedure.

How to apply

Contact Number +91731 687 9376

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